You can create awards for volunteers to achieve through their work, easily. 

You set the criteria, and once it is met for a certain award they will automatically be rewarded with it, notified via e-mail and it will be recorded within their volunteering report in their account/profile.

On Selecting 'add an award' you create you own award through populating the following fields:

  1. Award name
  2. Award description
  3. Award logo
  4. Hours required

This field is mandatory, this triggers the award being sent to the volunteer. Once a volunteer has reached the hours you have selected they will the be allocated this award.

Area of interest

This field in not mandatory, but you could select awards to a certain area should you wish to, so only an award would be given to somebody if they reached a set number of hours within this area of interest.

Range of time-sheet submissions to consider: start and end date

Again this is not a field mandatory to complete but should you wish to assign awards to a particular time frame you are able to, for example monthly or annual awards.