This is where you can upload organisations easily in a bulk upload through a CSV file.

On this page you are provided with a CSV template in which you can insert organisations details and upload.

If you are using this functionality please make sure you use the exact template to upload your information in, make sure you have provided all the information in the mandatory (red asterisked) fields and you have taken notice of the green hint texts. These hint texts are important to take notice of because failure to adhere to the formatting of the information that is inserted will mean that your information will not successfully upload.

Once you have uploaded your file, make sure you return to this page the next day to check whether you have any error reports. Only unsuccessful records will be reported back to you to rectify, all correct records will have been uploaded successfully (you will be able to see a difference in your volunteering organisations usergroup that you can see on the main usergroups section in the admin area/or on your volunteering dashboard).