The last usergroup option which you can access from the main UnionCloud Usergroup side menu is Custom.

This section is split into three areas: Custom, Dynamic and Index.

Custom Usergroups

This page is a catalogue of all the custom-made usergroups on your site (any usergroups which are not default to UnionCloud).

You will have a default folder Custom User Groups where all your custom usergroups are, clicking on the arrow will dropdown all the usergroups in the folder. On this screen you have the ability to create new folders, so that you can sub-divide and arrange your usergroups for easier access and create whole new usergroups. Just click on the relevant icon on a folder to do this.

We highly recommend organising your Custom User Groups into folders and sub folders, so that you can delete them easily in the future.

On each usergroup you have the options to edit, view and delete by clicking on the corresponding icon.