UnionCloud has the functionality to allow society committees to add new and change existing content on their group page. This is done using the 'Group administrators' usergroup/permission set. 

This means they can add new events, articles and documents without having to go through a union staff member. 

Step 1: Go to Admin > Setup > Groups > Other Settings

Check the box 'Add committee member to group 'Administrators' usergroup automatically'.


Step 2: Add 'Group Administrators' as the permissions set for the administrators usergroup

Navigate to the User Groups tab of the selected group, and edit the 'Administrators' usergroup.

Then choose 'Group Administrators' as the permission set for this usergroup.

That's it! Now anyone that is a committee member will automatically have the ability to edit a group's content. 

Need to add more than just the committee?

Go back to the User Groups tab, then click 'show' on Administrators. You can now search for who you need to have access, and give them an expiry date.