So, you've set up all your groups with all their various permissions and now you want to add users into them. It's just 4 easy steps:

Step 1:

Log into the backend, and navigate to: Admin>User Groups> then click whichever type of group you need to add your user into:

Step 2:

In this example it is a custom user group, so I click the index tab at the top, then am presented with all the different groups. 

Click the cog of the one you want to add users into, then 'Show'. 

Step 3:

Search for the user in question, you can use their name or email address, then click it to add them.

*You can add multiple users at this stage to give them all the same membership expiry date.

Step 4:

Give your user(s) a date when their membership of this group will expire. Then click 'Add Members'.

*It is important to check these regularly to make sure there aren't users that still have access when they shouldn't! 

New user added!

Your user(s) will now be in this group. You can easily see their information, when their membership will expire, and you can remove them quickly by clicking the cog. 


If you have any further questions, please comment below or get in touch with us.