These FAQs are meant to answer any questions you may have about our UnionCloud and native integration. We will keep updating them as we release new features or improve the existing ones. If you have questions you can’t find the answer for, please contact us on or    


How much can I do with the integration between UnionCloud and native?


With our UnionCloud/native integration you can do the following:

  • Import UnionCloud events into native (with or without tickets, if with tickets then they will be imported into native as external tickets)
  • Give students access to native via their university credentials
  • List student-only tickets on native (students will be required to use their university credentials to be able to purchase tickets)
  • Export native events to UnionCloud (with or without tickets
  • Send ticket purchases and/or bookings from native to UnionCloud* .


*Provided tickets were purchased through single sign on


How do I turn the integration on?

We will need your permission to turn on the integration and once received, the UnionCloud team will enable this for your Students’ Union. To activate, please email with Adam Bardsley ( and Audrey Giroud ( on cc. The subject line should be {Name of your Students’ Union} - UnionCloud/native Integration 


Can it be disabled?


Yes, if for any reason the integration doesn’t work for you it can easily be turned off and the data in UnionCloud can be cleared if required.


How do I set it up in my native admin panel?


Once you’ve emailed the OneVoice support team and the integration has been turned on for your Union and we’ve activated it on our end you will find the events in the ‘Synchronised Events’ section of your native admin panel. This is set up entirely by native and you won’t need to do anything. 



How often do events sync from UnionCloud to native?


The first events sync will be done by the OneVoice/native teams. After that events are synchronised every night. If you need to import an event on an ad hoc basis, you can easily do so by clicking on the button ‘Synchronise events’ 


How does the university single sign on (SSO) option work?


With SSO, students can use their university credentials to sign into native, just like they do with UnionCloud. 


On their first booking, we will ask them to confirm their first name, last name and email address. We will also ask them for their marketing opt-in preferences. Each time following that they will sign in just like they do with UnionCloud.


As an admin user, you can choose to make tickets exclusively available to students as the SSO functionality will verifiy their credentials at the point of purchase. 


Where should I list events?


You can list events on either one of the two platforms. 


If you list your event in UnionCloud, you will see it the day after in native, in your ‘Synchronised Events’(Events > Synchronised events). Alternatively, you can sync your event from UnionCloud to native by clicking on the button ‘Synchronise events’ 


These events will feed directly from UnionCloud into native as draft events, ready to be approved, edited and then listed onto your native white label. 


If you list your event in native, you will see it the day after in UnionCloud in [Insert location here] . Alternatively, you can sync your event from native to UnionCloud by clicking [insert shortcut here - if there is one!]

Where should I list tickets?


Just like events, you can list tickets on either one of the platforms. 


When you list a ticket on UnionCloud and click the synced event listing in native, you will find your ticket has been added as an external ticket.


When you list a ticket on native and click the synced event listing in UnionCloud, you will find your ticket has been added as an external ticket. 


How do I redeem tickets?


If redeeming via the native scanning app, you will need to upload the UnionCloud tickets as external tickets via your admin panel first. This means you should export your UnionCloud tickets as a CSV, and then import the file into the native event details. To do that head to your event page, click on ‘Report’ and then ‘Upload external tickets’. Follow the instructions to add your tickets. Once that’s completed, all you need to do is log into our native scanning app and check students in as normal.


How does the reporting integration work? 


With the reporting integration, you will have access to event reporting from both platforms. As soon as students purchase tickets or book free events via their university credentials (SSO) the details will be sent from native to UnionCloud reports.