With events in UnionCloud, you can now add virtual event links (Zoom, Teams, Google Meet etc), which are automatically emailed to students when they get a ticket for the event. 

How to add a virtual event link: 

1. Create your event

2. Create a ticket

3. Add the meeting link to that ticket

Step 1:

Create your event and add an event ticket type

Add event ticket type

Select 'Online' for Availability:

This is a virtual event

Check the box 'This is a virtual event' and add in the meeting join link

This is only visible to students when they go through the flow of purchasing/getting a ticket.

Students booking events

Students will then book an event as normal, with the event link appearing in their email notification. 

The event join link will also be available to students in their My Tickets section of their profile, when the event is live: