Create campaign

Base Questions

This section, presents you with a number of fields to populate

  1. Name - This must be unique to any campaign you run, some unions like to include relevant keywords like Freshers / Elections / Name of an Event / A Year / Month
  2. Purpose - This field doesn't have to be unique and many unions use it to help filter, they categorise campaigns by Marketing / Comms / Sabb Update / Nominations etc.
  3. Campaign Type - Select Commercial / Communication/ Representation, depending on whether you are emailing Students who have opted in to Commercial or Communication emails, or emailing ALL Students if you have a legal obligation to contact them (for example for elections)
  4. Include / Exclude Criteria
  5. The next section, is used for targeting specific groups of students, and is split into two sections, Include, and Exclude, both contain the same filters;

In each case you have to tick the checkbox if you intend to use the filter;

User is between ages [Age1] [Age2] (optional)

After this check box, you have the option of choosing [Any] or [All] if you want to add multiple user groups to the filter, you can use this to add any of the default groups, such as:

  • Admin
  • Confirmed Students
  • Activated Students
  • Non-Students
  • Groups Created from Registration Questions
  • or you can add any Custom User Groups that you've created

This is particularly useful if you want to target a very specific group of students, by creating a Custom Group, using the Dynamic User Group filters.

After you have set your include / exclude criteria, click on the orange Show Target Audience button, which will give you a summary of the target audience you have set, and also the number of users it will be sent to.

Header / Footer

If you continue down the page, you will see a 'From' box;

This box is a drop down that will list any email addresses, that you have enabled to send emails within the Setup - Emails section. This is useful if you want to send out different emails from different departments at other points in time

[Checkbox] Default Union Email Header

[Checkbox] Default Union Email Footer

The above two options set whether you need to include any Header / Footer content in the Campaign you are sending out, or if you just wish to user you Unions standard content, for example if you were sending out a commercial 3rd party email, you may not want it to include your header and footer, you can update your Header and Footer in the Setup - CMS section.

Email Content

Finally you can complete your email content, you can do this either by using the CK Editor, or switching to source and pasting in any HTML that you've written, or received to be included in a mail out. A few things to bear in mind:

  • Think about the sizes of your images, some users will be viewing on mobile devices
  • Compatibility, think about your use of Styles, not all HTML / CSS are compatible with Outlook for example.
  • Scalability, Responsiveness - look for a template that will re-size based on Screen size!
  • Use tools like Mailchimp or Stripo to build your email

Personalised forname and surname

The liquid variables functionality allows you to send personalised e-mails to users. You should see two System Field Tags at the bottom of the page; one for Forename and one for Surname. 

All you need to do is copy and paste these tags into the main body of your email content and it will automatically add the names of your users to the emails which are sent out.