UnionCloud Chat is the latest communication tool on the platform, allowing groups and individuals to chat in one central place. 

Main features:

  1. Group chat - Admin staff can enable group chat for Usergroups of your Clubs & Societies or groups.

  2. One to one chat - Students can chat to individuals, if they know their full email address

  3. Push notifications - On desktop, users will receive desktop notifications whenever someone sends a message

How To: Enable Group chat or One to One Chat

  1. Navigate to Admin > Setup > Permission Management > Features
  2. Check 'Group Chat' 
    1. For Group chat, you will also need to activate the individual User Group, read more below. 
  3. Check 'One to One Chat'
  4. Click Save

Group chat

With Group chat, you can enable groups on UnionCloud to communicate. This can be the current members, administrators or alumni, or any usergroup that you have created within a group. 

How to activate group chat

To enable the chat for a group usergroup, navigate to Groups > [Group Name] > User Groups, Then click the cog and 'Activate Chat' for that specific usergroup. 

Only the union and group administrators have the ability to enable a group chat (you can of course change this if you wish).

Looking to archive an active chat? 

Simply click the cog, and select 'Archive Chat'. This will disable further communication within the group chat, but you can still see the entire history if you need to do any investigation. 

Only the union and group administrators have the ability to archive the chat (you can of course change this if you wish).

Chatting in the group

Once enabled, all users within the enabled usergroup will see the group chat in their Inbox (listed under the profile section). 

Any users that join the club or society will automatically be added to the chat, and will also see the entire chat history. 

If a user leaves a usergroup (For example, if their membership expires), they will automatically be removed from the chat. 

One to One Chat

This functionality allows students to chat with each other on the platform. The most important feature of the One to One Chat is that you can only chat with someone if you know their full email address. ie. Students are not able to search for anyone at the institution and start chatting. 

Only the union administrator has the ability to enable One to One chat.