Introducing the new Mobile Voting Web App.

A hugely improved way for students to vote in your Union elections.

You still add your elections, candidates, manifestos the same way in the back-end, but your students will now see the newly designed responsive web app. 

What are the benefits of the web app? 

  1. Fully responsive: works great on mobile, tablet and desktop.
  2. Enhanced flow: enhanced navigation makes it easier to vote in multiple elections e.g. students will automatically flow into the next election once they have voted in the first.
  3. It's fast: reduces students dropping off from poor loading times

What does it look like?

The voting app will look like this for all your elections across the union. You can list multiple elections, each with their respective categories with candidate images and their manifestos. Students can just tap or click on each candidate to vote, with dynamic reordering if they change their mind during the process. 

You also still have the following options in Admin>Setup>Evoting:

Any more questions?

At the moment, you can enable the new web app in the Evoting admin settings.

We hope you love the new experience, and if you have any more questions, do let us know!