What are the benefits of a live data feed?

  1. Compliance with GDPR data standards
  2. Take advantage of UnionCloud's membership management tools
  3. Reduce time taken doing manual data uploads
  4. Reduce mistakes in human error
  5. Improve data accuracy

Using the UnionCloud API to transfer data automatically means that your website will be fully compliant with GDPR. For example, if a student leaves their course, their data will automatically be removed from your SU website. 

It also massively reduces the amount of time taken to upload students, and improve the overall accuracy, like if a student changes their email address or gender. 

How can I get a live data feed?

Firstly, you will need to create/revise your data sharing agreement between the university/college. If you need any assistance in writing this, please submit a ticket to UnionCloud Support and we can help. 

The next step involves someone at your institution building a JSON application that talks to your UnionCloud website via our API. 

You will need to put us in touch with this person, so we can share all of the API documentation, and offer any necessary support.