Introducing Tribes

Group your students in Tribes during the sign-up process for better communications targeting and more.

Using guidance conducted by Redbrick Research, Tribes is a set of groups students will be put into when they first register on your UnionCloud website. 

This simply involves the student answering a few Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree questions (see image above) during registration, then they will be put in one of the following:

  • Fun Lovers

  • Studious Solos

  • Flow Goers

  • Leading Lights

  • Conscientious Carers 

  • Party People 

Each Tribe will then be set up as a user group which you can use across your UnionCloud site as you would any other group. Particularly useful if you want to send targeted communications to different Tribes.

Can I create my own Tribes?

Yes! This is possible in Admin>Setup>Tribes. Check 'Override OneVoice Tribe Rules'.

Then head to 'Tribes Setup' and click 'Add Tribe'. 

As you can see here, you can then give your new Tribe a name, description and setup the rules for that Tribe.


Please be aware that setting up the various rules for each tribe takes a fair amount of logic and could take some time for whoever is doing it. Therefore we recommend that unless you have the time, stick to the OneVoice Tribe rules. 


Any more questions?

At the moment, Tribes is live and available for all UnionCloud users to enable, if you can't see it please let us know.  

We hope you make use of Tribes, and if you have any more questions, get in touch!