The setup menu has a number of areas that can be configured in order to make your UnionCloud behave the way you need it to.

It is a long menu but most of the options have very few configuration items beneath them.


In this section you can maintain the configuration that relates to Groups

Group Types 

This allows you to update the alias of different group types according to how your Union uses them


To update an alias select the pencil beside the name and you will be able to rename that field:


A check box at the top of the screen defines if you have a ‘Show All’ option on your groups page.

Group Categories 

This allows you to update the alias of different group categories according to how your union uses them:


Group Membership

Here you can define an expiry date for all group memberships:


Other Settings 

Here you have the option to hide any groups that have been deactivated and to add committee members to the group Admin Group. Once a candidate has won an election for a committee post this will automatically move them into this group so that they are able to manage their group.