This page will list your users along with the following criteria;

  • UniversityID (If applicable)
  • Forename
  • Surname
  • Date of Birth
  • Email
  • Alternate Email

The final column showing the View, Edit, Delete, and Resend Fast Track buttons.

The Second section listed below the 'User Account Details' menu, is 'Merge User Account Details' screen. This is used for students who registered before they came to college / university with a personal email address but who will automatically have a 'Student' account created for them after registration.

View User Account Details



View User Account details displays a summary of the user in question, offering;

  • Name
  • Profile Picture
  • User email
  • Date of birth
  • Phone Number
  • Opt out in/out Details
  • Opt out of Union communication emails: [Yes/No]
  • Opt out of NUS communication emails: [Yes/No]
  • Opt out of all commercial emails: [Yes/No]
  • Confirmed [Yes/No]
  • Visited Registration Page [Yes/No]
  • Last Login Date
  • Userable Type

Below it then offers 5 Tabs showing more of the users history, listed in table form like so;

Group Memberships

This is any membership related to a group (so any Clubs / Societies)

Group NameMembership TypeStatusBlock/Unblock
Name of Club / SocietyType of membership purchasedapproved/expired/pendingOption to block current members

User Group Memberships

This is any membership related to a usergroup (these are the ones that control permissions, they can have one of several permission sets assigned to them, or none at all).

User Group NameUser Group TypeStart DateExpiry Date
Name of permission groupType of user group (Group, Event, Union, other)Date user was addedDate user will be removed from permissions group

Event Tickets

This is any event a user has attended since registered, and any future tickets that have been purchased.

Event NameEvent Start DateEvent End DateTicket Purchase DateTicket NumberRedemption
Name of EventDD-MM-YYYYDD-MM-YYYYDate Purchased (DD-MM-YYYY)6 Digit Alphanumeric codeYes/No


This is any order that a user has placed through the online eShop.

Order IDDateOrder Amount(£)Order Status
Order ID, beginning characters unique to unionDD-MM-YYYYOrder Value in GBP (£) SterlingDispatched / Awaiting Dispatch / Collect In Person / Intl. etc

Payment History

Payment history has around 30 fields which we wont' list in table form here, but you can find yourselves fairly easily, the reason it contains this many is so that finance staff can find a detailed breakdown of price aroudnd VAT / Shipping / Charges etc.