In this section, your course rep will see all the current and past ideas and concerns that have been submitted. They can see a breakdown of data based on that submission, and it's current status.



How to Approve/Reject an idea/praise/concern 

All ideas/praise/concern will automatically have the status 'Submitted', the course rep can then edit the submission to add an official response and approve/reject it.

This will only appear on the frontend for students that are on that course that go into Digital Rep, once the course rep has approved it.

The course rep also has the option of deleting submissions from the backend as well.

Comment Management

Here your administrators/course reps can moderate comments made on Digital Rep submissions.


This is the general overview of Digital Rep on your website, where you can quickly filter through data and generate reports.

You have the option to view data in a graphical or list view.

Generate report will create a custom CSV file with all the data in your filtered search which you can then download to your computer.