List Elections will show your current and past elections, and allows you to create a new election. To create a new election you must first create categories and positions. 

To create a new election, select 'Add Election'

From this page, you can:

- 'NAME' Add the Title (ie LGBTQ+ Election)

- 'RUNNING TO/FROM' Set up the running time (ie 1st March-8th March)

- 'DAILY POLLS OPEN/CLOSE' Select what times voting is open. This is great if you want to discourage campaigning in Officer Elections during the evening and weekends. 

- 'ADDITIONAL INFOMATION FOR SELF NOMINATION' Add rules and regs etc. here if you allow candidates to nominate themselves without approval from a staff member 

Underneath this, there are a series of checkboxes:


Add Categories

To add a category to your election, you must first set one up (see above link to guides). Once this is done you can select the category you wish to create an election for by checking the relevant category

Once you have selected the category, you can move on to the position for that election. Again, these must be set up prior to creating the election. 

You can select all the positions that apply for that election by selecting the tickboxes next to each position. 

Once you have added your categories and positions, you can see the status of each position in the 'add standing' tab.  

The 'Candidates' tab will show you all confirmed candidates, what election they're runin in, and for what role. You can disqualify a candidate by selecting the cogwheel at the end of their row.  

From the 'Nominations' tab, you can see all nominations that are pending approval by a staff member. Nominations for an election will end up here if you allow self-nomination.