This page shows you all the orders that have been made on your site and are awaiting to be updated on the dispatch status. 

The Actioned tab shows all previous orders. Use the eye icon to search/filter these.

Click the cog on each item to:

  1. Show Order
  2. Edit Order
  3. Collect in Person
  4. Cancel Order
  5. Print Delivery Note
  6. This order has print location details. Click on 'Show Order' to check the details


Actioning an Order

To update an order select the edit icon from the cog options. From here the order can be marked as dispatched or canceled and a delivery note can be printed.

If you click the Mark as Dispatched button the order will be immediately moved to the Actioned tab and you will be returned to the order list.

If you select the Mark as Cancelled button, you will be asked for a cancellation reason and then the order will be moved to the Actioned tab

You can also use the cog options to action these orders directly.

If an order is to be collected in person, for example, if the relevant icon is selected collection remarks can be entered directly from the Order list and the order will be immediately moved to the Actioned tab.