This Product guide shows how to begin to create a new product for your shop. 

To edit and view existing products, select the cogwheel at the end of the product.

Creating a product 

To add a new product, select 'select a type to create a new product', which will produce a drop-down menu. You must have enabled the category you wish to create a product via the 'product categories' tab.

In this screen you can add the name, product description and other metadata needed for the product. You can also upload photos and define the categories that the product fits into and the price. Variants can be defined at this point.

List variants

Once you have saved the item you will be directed to the List Variant page. If you set up variant products during creation they will appear here and can be edited.

The Actual stock column can be directly into the grid in this screen.Variants can be removed from Student view using the Visible to Students checkbox If you have no variant products the list will be unpopulated. You can then return to the main product list.