You can easily manage a groups committee in the backend of their group in UnionCloud. Navigate to the group, and click the 'Committee' tab.

Here you can see the Current Committee, Committee History and Manage Posts.

Setup a committee position

Click Manage Posts, then 'Add Post'.

Select one of the pre-definted committee positions, or if you want a custom position, select 'Committee Member':

Add the title, HEAR code (if required) and description of the position and hit save: 

Adding the committee member

Once your position is created, click the cog and click 'Replace Committee Member':

Then search for the member in question and add their start/end time for the position and any comments: 

Electing your commitee members using UnionCloud?

You can setup a position to automatically populate a committee position with the winner after an election. Read more about that in our position elections training