After approval, ideas and petitions on the Student Voice Module are entered in a category called 'New Ideas & Petitions'.

For the duration of the time period you've set for a given submission, set on the individual Idea / Petition. 

At the end of this time period, an idea or petition can be moved to a number of categories, UnionCloud provides 8 of these;

  • Approved
  • Failed democratic process
  • Maybe one day
  • Rejected
  • Second democratic process
  • Submitted (All new ideas default to this category).
  • We are working on it
  • We changed it

Three of these categories are required, and therefore switched on by default; Approved, Rejected, and Submitted. 

The remaining 5 categories, can be switched on or off at a Student Voice Administrators leisure, these can also be renamed to a more suitable alias, usually something more relevant to your specific union. 

To do this, you simply need to click the Edit button in the third column.