Here you can setup a subsite for your group. If there is already a well built subsite on your site you can copy it and use it's structure rather than start from scratch. 

To do this, sign in as an admin and go to the ‘Content Management’ section of a group that currently does not have a subsite. 

Click the ‘Show [+]’ link next to ‘Copy Structure From Subsites’ heading. 

Using the dropdown menu, select the Subsite that you wish to copy and then click 'Copy CMS'. 

UnionCloud will then ask you to confirm you want to copy the selected Subsite. Once accepted UnionCloud will copy that subsite to the group’s page. 

Similarly to copying items in the Pages (Tree View) in the Developers Toolkit, UnionCloud will copy the subsite and past it in draft form.

The rest of this section works in the same way as the Tree View. To master this area, please watch the training video: Groups: Giving committees control over their pages