A group needs at least one membership type before it is possible for students to join the group.

You will be able to view and amend all membership types for the group here:

How to create a new Membership Type

  1. To create a new membership type click [Add Membership Type]
  2. You will need to give the membership type a name, and if you are using nominal codes assign the correct one.
  3. The membership length will default according to the settings in the admin module.
  4. Enter the price for the membership. The fee will be calculated based on the settings in the admin module

The availability field determines if this membership is available online or offline.

If this membership type needs to stop being sold immediately check the field in this page. You can also define who is eligible for this membership type.

For example this membership type could only be for freshers in which case you can select the relevant user group here:

What is a mandatory related membership type?

A mandatory related membership type means that this membership will only be able to be purchased in conjunction with another membership. This could be used for example for sports insurance.

Once you have set up your membership type click [Save] at the top.