There are a few configuration items related to Groups that need to be set up before you create groups.

Group Types

On this page, you can set the Types of group you can have in your app (ie Club and Society, Sport, Representation). 

If you want to add a new type, or edit a pre existing one, select the pen button in the 'Alias name' column. (ie changing the 'fundraising' category to RAG). This allows you to update the alias of different group types according to how your union uses them:

If you have more than one campus, we have a separate guide on how to sort your groups by campus.  

To update an alias select the pencil beside the name and you will be able to rename that field:

A check box at the top of the screen defines if you have a ‘Show All’ option on your groups page.

Group Categories

Group categories will allow you to further sort your groups. (ie  Club and society (group type) > Liberation (group category), or Sport (group type) > Recreational Sport (group category)

Similarly with group types, you can edit the alias name to fit your unions language by selecting the pen icon under 'alias name'.

When selecting categories on this page, ensure you tick the check box in the 'enable category section). If you don't do this, and move on to creating your group, you will be automatically re directed to this page.