Tickets will be emailed to the account associated with the student who has purchased the ticket.

This is an example of a ticket that has been sent out to a student:Redeem Tickets 

When a ticket number is entered in the Ticket number field it will bring back the details of the student who has bought this ticket. This can then be checked against their ID and redeemed.

You can also use a USB barcode scanner to redeem tickets. The barcode scanner must have the ability to read QR codes as well as traditional barcodes. Example product 

Quick Ticket Redemption

Quick ticket redemption works in exactly the same way, however the ticket is automatically redeemed. This can be useful for very busy events to get people into the venue faster.

Redeem by Student ID/ Library Card

This allows you to scan a student’s ID card and to redeem the ticket against their user account.

Select the date and event that the ticket is for

You will then be able to scan their Student ID and redeem their ticket.