There are a number of configuration items on this page

  • Checkbox for controls if there is an ‘All Events’ option on the Events page
  • Max number of tickets sets an upper limit on the tickets that one person can buy for an event
  • Event Type defines a particular type of event that is included on a student’s Volunteering Record

Event Types 

This allows you to update the alias of different event types according to how your union uses them:

Creating an Event 

Creating an Event is done from within the Events page. From here you can see all current and past events.

Basic Setup

To create a new event click [Add Event]. The Create Event screen will then be opened.

Enter a name and nominal code for your event and define the event type based on the types set up in the admin module.

Enter a start and end time and date and description for the event and the contact details for the organizer.

Event capacity is mandatory as this will impact ticket sales.

Define the venue and the location. This is particularly useful as this location will be shown in the TOTUM app when students view the event.

There are also some advanced options which can be used if they are relevant.

Event Tags are useful to help students find the Event easily in the search.

If Only over 18s can attend is checked the system will use the date of birth against the student’s user profile and calculate if they will be 18 on the date of the event and if they will not be they will be unable to purchase a ticket.

Once your basic details have been set up click Save and Approve at the top to create this event.

Several new tabs will now be available at the top of the screen.

Summary and Edit 

The first two tabs will allow you to view and amend the basic information for this event.

Event Ticket Types 

A event needs at least one ticket type.

You will be able to view and amend all ticket types for the Event here.

To create a new ticket type click [Add Ticket type]

You will need to give the ticket type a name, and if you are using nominal codes assign the correct one.

The availability field determines if this membership is available online or offline. It is also possible to define if this ticket type can be bought in bulk.

Enter the price for the ticket. The fee will be calculated based on the settings in the admin module

There are also a number of advanced options that can be used.

If this ticket type needs to stop being sold immediately check the field in this page. You can also define who is eligible for this ticket type.

For example this ticket type could only be for freshers in which case you can select the relevant user event here

A mandatory related membership type means that this ticket will only be able to be purchased in conjunction with another membership. This could be used to limit tickets to a particular group.

Once you have set up your ticket type click [Save] at the top.

Event Questionnaire

This section allows a questionnaire to be defined to be completed when a ticket is bought for this event. This could be used to collect dietary requirements for event attendees, for example.

To add a new question click ‘Add Question’ at the top of the screen, you can then enter the question to be asked and the format you want the answer to take.

There are the following options:

  • Single Select Dropdown
  • Multi-Select Tickbox
  • Text box
  • Check box

To provide an answer click ‘Add Options’ at the bottom of the screen and then populate the different answers available.

Under Action there are also a few more options for how this question can behave

Required denotes that this is a mandatory field.

Hide option exists because there might be questions that need to be removed at a certain point. However as other students would have already answered the question they cannot be deleted. Therefore if you hide this question it will no longer appear in the questionnaire but this will not impact previous students.


Booking Details

This page will list all attendees for this event. This includes if their ticket has been redeemed.

This list can be downloaded so that it can be used on the door to redeem tickets.

User Groups

When an event is created two user groups will be created as a default:

  • Administrators 
  • Participants 

Other user groups can be created as necessary

Do you need to send a message to all event participants? You can do that using the Send Message tab.

Content Manager 

If your events are going to have a subsite this can be managed here

Any Event specific articles, resources and images can also be managed here