UnionCloud has the ability to store resources like meeting minute documents and photos, you can set these up on your website so students/staff can download when they need. 

Step 1: Upload your new resource

Add the resource you want under Website>Resources>Add Resource.

In this section, under Advanced Options there are a tonne of different things you can do as well:

  • Set a publish date/expiry date for documents
  • Assign a category (You could create more categories and sub categories under Admin>Setup>CMS>Resource Categories as you wish.)
  • Show on resources index page
  • Show on resources widget - you can place this anywhere on your site! 
  • Do not show this resource on subsite resources widget
  • Feature the resource
  • Private - so only those that are logged in can see the resource

How to link to that resource

  1. Once you have uploaded your resource. Go to yourunion.co.uk/resources
  2. Click on the resource you want to link to, and copy the URL into wherever you need
  3. There is also a download button available for users